New Slippery Ultimate Glide x300ml

Slippery Ultimate Glide

A super mixed Vegan and Halal lubricant!

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Size300 ml
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My first is Vegan, my second is Halal, my third is au-based with extra glide. What am I?

A competitive lubricant with a glide that looks like silicone, but isn't!

Made in Germany, Slippery Ultimate lubricant will surprise you. Toy-friendly, animal-friendly and compatible with all human mucous membranes, it will charm even the most delicate of you.

Perfect for getting an elephant into a mouse through the back door!

Careful, ladies and gentlemen, it's slippery.

This text is not written by an Artificial Intelligence, but by the prankster mind of His Royal Highness!

Here's what ChatGPT might write when asked to fit an elephant inside a mouse:

"Let's imagine that the lubricant has magical properties that allow it to change the size of objects. First, the lubricant is generously applied to the elephant, making its skin extremely slippery. Then, using magic spells, the elephant is gradually shrunk, while preserving its mass. During this process, the elephant is transformed into a compact form, but retains all its internal characteristics.

Once the elephant has reached a sufficiently reduced size, even more lubricant is used to slide it inside the mouse. The mouse, too, has been enchanted to grow and adapt to the elephant's size.

The elephant continues to shrink inside the mouse, but as it decreases in size, its energy and mass remain intact. As a result, a phenomenal amount of energy accumulates in a smaller and smaller space.

Finally, when the elephant reaches an extremely tiny size, the mouse can no longer contain this immense stored energy. It explodes noisily, propelling bits of mouse in all directions.

The shrunken elephant then emerges triumphantly from this chaotic scene, unscathed and invigorated by this delirious adventure."


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