Trojan Groove

Trojan Groove

A complex structure to keep the lubricant for very long.

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Size10 condoms
Width54 mm
Circumference108 mm
Length205 mm
Thickness0.060 mm
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Many of us did not receive sex education quality. This is normal, we are in France! State control rages and religions wreak havoc. You could well learn, it takes each report with a condom, give additional lubrication.
Trojan has understood that its users around the world, all had the same problem: they do not practice the addition of lubricant to improve their comfort and safety during sex.

Trojan therefore invented in the Groove pattern, which is not only twice as lubricated as the others, but also has a micro-corrugated particular structure that retains the lubricant to better disseminate during use. If this is not the technology Hi-Tech, that! This microstructure also helps to keep in reserve the lubricant for the duration of the report.

In short, if you want an American condom ensures at lubrication, look no further, you've found the Trojan Groove!

Nota Bene :
The US and French standards on condoms are not compatible. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and Europe have still not agreed on how to test condoms ...
That is why we do not call the Trojan products, condoms, because under French law, these products do not have the CE mark which do not conform to ISO 4074: 2002, they can not preserve yourself of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and do not allow you to manage your contraception. As such, they can not benefit from the simplified VAT 5.50% because they lose the medical device classification.

To summarize: this protects you in the US, but not on French soil! LOL. So we can not use the word "condom", but the word "fake condom" or "fancy product" or "novelty" and we are obliged to charge VAT of 20%. (Ouch ...)

PS: in fact the American Trojan condoms meet ISO 4074: 2002 but they have not the CE marking on the boxes and no indication that standard is present in the package of US sales ... But this will change soon ...

And for those who do not understand: buy it, it's a novelty in France but a condom in the US and Canada! Tabernacle!

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