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Beppy Cup

The best of the new generation menstrual cups!

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Size2 Cups
MaterialMedical Grade Silicone

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The Beppy Cup, unlike the traditional menstrual cup, is the most innovative menstrual cup available today that allows women greater freedom during their period.

It is the only menstrual cup in silicone, which allows you to have sexual relations during your period!

The Beppy cup makes you feel safe. Thanks to its soft and flexible medical grade silicone material, the Beppy Cup adapts completely to your intimate anatomy, ensuring maximum comfort and reducing the risk of leakage.

The Beppy cup is available in 4 different color combinations, in a beautiful box:

  • Cotton Candy: pink & purple,
  • Midnight: black & purple,
  • Ocean: turquoise & transparent,
  • Sunrise: red & orange.

Each color combination also includes 2 convenient cotton bags to carry or store your menstrual cups safely and beautifully, as well as a mini Silicone handbag to store everything, which can be used for anything else.

It can be used for different occasions:
The Beppy Cup is a perfect alternative to regular cups, but it is also designed for other occasions. With the Beppy Cup, for example, you can have intimate relations during your period. In addition, the Beppy Cup does not have a stem or tip, but a loop for easy removal. The Beppy Cup gives you more freedom when you swim, go to the sauna, exercise, go out or have sex.

Better quality:
The Beppy Cup was developed by women for women and has been thoroughly dermatologically and clinically tested. It is made of medical grade silicone, which is non-toxic and gentle on the skin and vaginal mucosa.
The menstrual cup is hygienically produced under continuous control in accordance with the international standard ISO 13485: 2016 (process standard for medical devices).

Advantages of the Beppy menstrual cup:
With the Beppy Cup, you'll have much more freedom during your period. You can exercise, swim, go to the sauna or have sex.

  • The Beppy Cup has no annoying stem or device, but a convenient removal loop.
  • The cup is soft and very comfortable, it molds to your body.
  • No unpleasant odor.
  • Medical grade silicone, hygienic and mucosa friendly.
  • The interior of the cup is equipped with an anti-leakage edge which reduces the risks of leakage.
  • The Beppy menstrual cup is sold in pairs to reduce the risk of toxic shock syndrome. Always have a clean and sterilized cup on hand.

It is available in different color combinations: Midnight, Cotton Candy, Sunrise and Ocean.

What are the dimensions of the Beppy Cup?
The size of the Beppy Cup is similar to a regular S/M cup size. It is therefore an intermediate size. The top diameter is 4.5 cm, the bottom diameter is 3.5 cm and the total length of the cup is 6 cm (including the 1.5 cm loop).

How to insert the Beppy Cup?

  1. Fold the Beppy Cup and insert it into the vagina. Inserting the Beppy Cup takes a little practice, as does using lenses.
  2. Use two fingers to push the cup as far as possible into the right position.
  3. Thanks to its soft material, the Beppy Cup conforms to the shape of your cervix.
  4. Make sure the Beppy Cup is open by touching the bottom, which should be completely flat.
  5. The Beppy Cup does not have a handle, but a loop. You can therefore remove the cup with one finger.
  6. You can keep it for up to 8 hours. Remove the menstrual cup with the practical removal loop. It is impossible for it to disappear into your body.

What else should you know?
If you are using a menstrual cup for the first time, it is advisable to start with the Beppy Cup. The Beppy Cup does not prevent you from getting pregnant. Please note that, like other menstrual cups, the Beppy Cup is not a contraceptive method and does not protect against STIs.
After intercourse, wait a few minutes for the vaginal cavity to return to its normal shape.
Do not use the menstrual cup for more than 8 hours. The minimum length of use depends on your blood flow.

A menstrual cup sterilizer will soon be available from the King of Condom...

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