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There is a Chinese proverb that says: "When the river is red, imprint the muddy trails ..." Yes, but ... No. Everyone does not like to bog down the Chrysler 4x4, get a kinder chocolate, ring the pigeon, bang the coal pile, get the nail finger varnished, cake the cake, caramelize the p ' tit sugar, swing at the second hole, dumping the septic tank, swinging the baby in the sewer, rolling in the wrong direction, taking the tan to sunbath, oiling the penguin, shouting in the box of Ovomaltine, Still be polished the small bald with traces of braking.
It is for this reason that there are vaginal or rectal enema pears.
The area of ​​the rectum often remains clean in contrast to urban beliefs. The presence of stool residues on the penis or the condom is occasional.
You do not have to do a systematic enema before each report, as the experts say. But that remains a possibility to reassure you, if it bothers you.
The principle is simple: insert warm water (<37 ° C) into the rectum using the enema bulb or using the model plugging into the shower hose.
Evacuate the whole to the toilet without waiting more than 60 seconds and at least 1 hour before the report.
4 models are available:
  • Shower Shot Shower (with valve): chrome tip with manual valve to control flow. Very durable and easy to clean and disinfect.
  • The Skwert: The only one that fits on a bottle of Evian! Or sparkling mineral water, if you want to make bubbles! It also fits your shower hose. It's plastic.
  • Silicone Enema Bulb: Genuine enamel bulb of 225ml with a very fine stem, for more comfort.
  • Flex-Tip Cleansing Bulb: 250 ml enema bulb with a flexible stem, to be even more flexible in the rectum or vagina and therefore more pleasant.

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