Lelo Hex

The revolutionary condom has finally arrived ...

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Size12 condoms
Size3 condoms
Size6 condoms
Size36 condoms
Width54 mm
Width58 mm
Diameter34 mm
Circumference108 mm
Circumference116 mm
Length180 mm
Length210 mm
Thickness0.045 mm
SafetyCE ISO 4074:2002

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This is a small revolution: the condom Lelo Hex will revolutionize the condom market and especially heckle competition already shaking.

What is revolutionary?
Well, for starters, it is very late with forty five microns thick, or 0.045 mm. In fact, to make it simple for those who are not followers of mathematics, the Hex condom is as thick as a human hair. What! And yes, you read right. But then it will break? Well no ! For lots of reasons: the first is that it has a rubber latex in the complex formula and reworked. The fineness of the material improves especially the transmission speed of the body heat of the partner. So you better access to pleasure.

Then engineers Lelo, were inspired by the graphene, you know what super-resistant material, to apply a hexagonal structure rather than on the surface or inside the condom, but the thickness of the latex itself. Each cell is made to give you more fun, too. And yes, they create slightly thicker connections, creating a relief that strengthens the structure and also stimulates the partner. This also improves the strength of the condom does not slip during lovemaking, or adulterous lovers. Basically, you have a honeycomb structure that significantly increases its resistance to splitting.

The final reason that condoms never break out because you had the intelligence to read this, is that you practice additional lubrication, of course!

Quèsaco? In fact, whatever the condom and the partner and fabulous practice you have, always, add lubricant on the condom and the entrance of the hole you want to visit.

Here you arrive in the condom 4.0 era, with Lelo Hex. Dispose of other brands, this so-called, so-called, they are already out! This may make noise, without breaking, of course.

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