Nuru Massage Powder

Finally a real 100% Japanese Nuru gel!

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Let's welcome the newest addition to Nuru gels powder, among others, made in Japan.
The Nuru Massage Powder, has the ability to be transformed into a gel by adding a little water.
Judge for yourself:
- a 20-gram jar of Nuru powder makes four liters of gel,
- A 200 g jar of Nuru powder makes 20 litres of gel!

1 tablespoon for 1/2 liter of gel! It's as simple as that.
The gel obtained will be thick, with a glide that holds in time and does not stain! The gel has no taste or smell and again, does not stain Granny's Alcantara sheets. LOL.

Why prefer a powder instead of a liquid gel? For several reasons: this powder keeps much longer in its closed jar, the quality is always up to date with each mix and the transport costs are optimised and more ecological!

Standard massages target specific areas, such as the back, feet or neck, but have you ever imagined having the whole body participating in an erotic massage?
This is what happens during a Nuru massage. The whole body with its different senses helps to create a memorable experience that not only reduces stress, but also unlocks doors to a pleasure you never knew existed.
Nuru massage originated in ancient Japan, Kawasaki in particular. The word "NURU" is the Japanese word for "slippery or smooth". Slippery in this sense represents the fact that for the Nuru massage to take place, the partners (masseuse and recipient) will have their bodies covered in Nuru Massage Gel.

Here are the benefits of Nuru massage powder:
- Relieves stress and tension,
- Relaxes the muscles and allows you to breathe better,
- Moisturizes and cares for the skin. Nuru massage gel is a very good moisturizer that brings a lot of health.
beneficial for the skin,
- Promotes well-being,
- releases toxins from the body,
- Exfoliates the mind (lol), taking off dead ideas and leaving plenty of room for new ideas and innovations to flourish,
- Improves sexual relations and intimacy. Nuru massage creates an intimate connecting relationship between partners in a more seductive way. In addition, it breaks down all sexual barriers and inhibitions that prevent them from reaching the peak of their sexual experience,
- Reinforces the confidence of the partners' bodies,
- Increases libido.

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