Trojan Naturalamb

The one and only in sheep gut ...

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Size10 condoms
Size3 condoms
Width69 mm
Length200 mm
Thickness0.080 mm
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When Trojan decides to do the only US condom World in sheep gut it gives a marvel not stung beetles. The Americans call it their "Bio Condom" since it is latex-free plastic and is really made of lamb intestines hose. At every time, it takes them 10 lambs per box for the intestine closed on one side! LOL. Brigitte Bardot will not be happy.

The feel of Trojan Naturalamb is quite formidable and unique: the skin of lamb casing transmits heat to your partner and gives you more feel. This is what is called "the skin against skin sensation."
Some may be shocked interjoists of 10 lambs that it is necessary to make a box of Trojan Naturalamb, but if they can allow you easier access to pleasure and control your births, so why. And then you are not a sheep like the others ... (LOL, ok, I go out...)

Oh by the way, for those that vibrate: it is at once the most expensive US World condom! Imagine the addition if you make love in the last Lamborghini Veneno with in the glove box (y 'has one?) A Trojan Naturalamb! If it's possible.

In all cases, you will not regret it, the sensation is unique.

In the US, this only serves to control your descent because the material of lamb gut is permeable to sexually transmitted infections ...

Nota Bene :
The US and French standards on condoms are not compatible. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and Europe have still not agreed on how to test condoms ...
That is why we do not call the Trojan products, condoms, because under French law, these products do not have the CE mark which do not conform to ISO 4074: 2002, they can not preserve yourself of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and do not allow you to manage your contraception. As such, they can not benefit from the simplified VAT 5.50% because they lose the medical device classification.

To summarize: this protects you in the US, but not on French soil! LOL. So we can not use the word "condom", but the word "fake condom" or "fancy product" or "novelty" and we are obliged to charge VAT of 20%. (Ouch ...)

PS: in fact the American Trojan condoms meet ISO 4074: 2002 but they have not the CE marking on the boxes and no indication that standard is present in the package of US sales ... But this will change soon ...

And for those who do not understand: buy it, it's a novelty in France but a condom in the US and Canada! Tabernacle!

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